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6TiSCH Scheduling for IIoT by Slotframe Fragmentation

Published in IEEE
IEEE 802.15.4e Time Slotted Channel Hopping (TSCH) is an evolving standard in the industrial manufacturing process to achieve communication between two neighbors in Low-power and Lossy Networks (LLNs). To bridge the gap between industrial operational technology and internet technology the 6TiSCH working group has been established. It defines the use of the upper layers of IPv6 over the IEEE 802.15.4e. The challenge in the 6TiSCH network is to use the resources efficiently to avoid collision to enable the Quality of Service (QoS) in communication. This paper demonstrates the traffic and topology-aware 6TiSCH scheduling technique for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) network by creating a schedule as per topology and traffic conditions. The schedule is created by considering the node's location as well as the load handled by the node. The technique outperforms the existing techniques by reducing the end-to-end delay up to 20% and the Packet Loss Rate (PLR) up to 4%. © 2022 IEEE.
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Journal2022 IEEE 2nd International Conference on Mobile Networks and Wireless Communications, ICMNWC 2022
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