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A Comparative Study Of Torsional Effect Of Earthquake On ‘L’ And ‘S’ Shaped High Rise Buildings
Published in International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research
Volume: 8.0
Issue: 8.0
Pages: 1355.0 - 1359.0
Damage reports on recent earthquakes have indicated that torsional motions often cause significant damage to buildings, at times leading to their collapse. Asymmetric structures have irregular distribution of mass and stiffness and its centre of mass and centre of rigidity do not coincide and hence causes the torsional effect on the structures which is one of the most important factor influencing the seismic damage of the structure. In this paper, seismic performance of two buildings irregular in plan are analyzed and compared. Two 33 storey buildings with ‘S’ and ‘L’ plan shapes are modelled in ETABS 2016 using Time History Analysis..
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JournalInternational journal of scientific & technology Research
PublisherInternational Journal of Scientific & Technology Research
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