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A cross platform mobile expert system for agriculture task scheduling
, M. Kolhe, N. Bhalerao, S. Pansare, S. Laddha
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 835 - 840
In this paper, we explain a cross platform mobile expert system for agriculture task scheduling, which will be developed to help Indian farmers. In spite of so many reforms and initiatives introduced by the government of India in the past decades, the quality of information provided to the marginalized farmer is uneven. Dangerous issues that infect Indian farming at hand are the data shortage and high risk because of the volatile nature of the factors involved, like, natural weather change. This paper introduces an advisory, information and financial system available on mobiles, which is designed for farmers to help them stay on track, avoid troubles, and receive all the latest and updated information, government schemes and strategies related to the field of agriculture. Information System has tools forecasting schedule that creates a systematic schedule for farmers for crop cultivation based on the weather predictions. This proposed idea is to ensure that the farmer plan their resources properly and also suggest a sequence of tactical decisions throughout a production cycle. The advisory system will enable its users to receive real-time and interactive advices and alerts on crop. Alerts would include phase of the plantation, weather conditions, diseases and nutrition. Farmers will also receive regular weather bulletins to support on-farm decision-making. Finance related tools, helps the farmer to keep track and control his financial income and expenses. It helps the farmer to get better control of his financial condition, productivity. In turn it will help him to increase profitability and fulfill their long-term goals. This paper is a start of a complete solution for addressing Indian farmer's needs, which would help them grow systematically. © 2016 IEEE.