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A novel algorithm to detect phishing URLs
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 548 - 552
Recently, many online attacks have increased due to the growing use of the Internet, Among these the most well-known attack is phishing. Phishing is a demonstration of getting delicate data by persuading the users to uncover their own data by pretending as a trusty source in the web transaction. Most phishing attacks work by sending a forged email that contains a URL which leads you to the fake website by clicking on it. In most of the cases, phisher chooses http URLs for the attack. Along these lines, we are proposing a novel algorithm which will detect whether a given http URL is of phishing site or not. Our algorithm performs Google's updated blacklist check, utilizes Google search engine results, Alexa Ranking and no of URL-based features, for detecting phishing URLs. It displays alert message if the URL found as possible phishing, otherwise it displays safe message. This algorithm enhances the performance when dealing with known/old phishing URLs. © 2016 IEEE.