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A prototype of low cost heads up display for automobiles navigation system
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 205 - 210
At the time of World War-II with advent of fighter planes Heads-Up display (HUD) were invented to assist pilot with their targets and navigation. Heads up display is a device which have a transparent display on which information is displayed, it is kept right in line of sight of driver or pilot. With advancement of technology the automobiles are equipped with features and machinery for making driving safe and comfortable example automatic windows, speedometer, milometer and displays for navigation etc. The equipment for driver navigation assistance are usually placed on dashboard of car. To see the information on display each time driver has to shift his focus from the road to the dashboard, which is if not fatal can be dangerous. To overcome the above mentioned problem Heads-Up display can be the solution. In this paper an economical prototype of HUD is presented which displays the symbols turn by turn with the other useful information for navigation on a transparent screen which is placed in line of sight of driver. Compared to existing complex, expensive HUD which are not in the reach of masses due their high cost, the innovative prototype of HUD is presented. The HUD proposed takes the advantage of mobile phones capability for building low cost system. The mobile application with the Arduino Uno, Bluetooth module and 2.8″ TFT are used to create this gadget. This paper also present the results of the experiment performed to check the effectiveness of system. © 2016 IEEE.