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A Review of half-car model vibration system using Magneto rheological Dampers
Sumedh Marathe, Swapnil Hatwalane, Sandip Thorat,
Published in INPRESSCO
Volume: 2.0
Issue: 2016.0
Pages: 2277.0 - 4106.0
The suspension system is very crucial when considering the ride comfort of vehicle driver and passengers. Most of the research these days is based on the use of semi-active suspensions for vehicle suspension system. This system having a semi-active suspension with MR dampers is promising way of improving the ride comfort. This paper reviews the various ways of improving the ride comfort using various mathematical models, experimental work and gives an overall conclusion of why using a semi-active suspension system with MR dampers is better than using a passive system or an active system..
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JournalInternational Journal of Current Engineering and Technology E-ISSN, 2277-4106
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