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A Review on Cryogenic Grinding
Published in INPRESSCO
Issue: Special Issue-7 (March 2017)
Pages: 420.0 - 423.0
The paper aims in improvisation of the grinding process for elastic materials like rubber, plastic, composites, metals,waxes etc. Nowadays, we find a lot of wastage of these materials. Some of them like plastic, artificial rubbercomposites are very much harmful for our environment. This research will basically help in cautious use of the abovementioned pollutants. For example, Thermoplastics are difficult to grind small sized particle at ambient temperaturebecause they are soften adhere in lumpy masses and clog screens. In cryogenic grinding when thermoplastic is chilledby dry ice, liquid carbon dioxide or liquid nitrogen they can be finally grounded to powder suitable for electrostaticspraying and other powder processes. Advantages of these processes are to increase productivity through optimizedparticle size, elimination of caking product within the mill, increases protection from the fire and product oxidationdue to inert milling atmosphere..
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JournalInternational Journal of Current Engineering and Technology
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