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A Review on Gating System in Aluminum Casting for Housing after Cooler Engine Component
Prakash Patil,
Published in
Volume: 3
Issue: 3
Pages: 158 - 161
Castings were the most important market aluminum following the commercialization of the reduction process firstly the applications of the casting process was limited to the certain applications such as house numbers, hand mirrors ,combs , brushes the cast iron cookware was the best welcomed material which was widely used instead of cast iron. Generally the gating system made of various materials such as wood and metal gate system which need to be considered, while manufacturing any casting it depends on size shape and weight of the application where it is to be utilized and the working conditions it has to resist such as the temperature and the various criteria's such as cooling of the molten metal , minimum defects so to reduce these defects it is important to work from initial working phase so that the rejections must as minimum as possible, sand casting is one of the oldest and largest method used for manufacturing of the casting so that castings are manufactured with lowest possible cost it consists of placing a pattern in the sand mold and producing an imprint in the sand and then a gating system is incorporated for filling the molten metal in the cavity allowing the uniform solidification of the molten metal if the solidification is not uniform the chills may be used in the region where solidification is not uniform for the defect free casting it is essential to have proper design of the gating system, if the gating system design is improper it can lead to rejections leading to heavy losses finally leading to shut down of the unit This review ex
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