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A Review on Stress Analysis And Weight Reduction of Automobile Chassis
, A V Sahasrabudhe
Published in IJRET
Volume: 4.0
Issue: 2.0
Pages: 565.0 - 568.0
Chassis is the term used to define the basic structure of the vehicle. It is also referred to as carrying unit as all the units including body are mounted on it. There are various loads acting on the chassis like inertia loads, static loads, over loads, etc. also it has to withstand the forces induced due to sudden braking and acceleration. In this paper a review has been made on the stress analysis of chassis by finite element analysis software packages like ANSYS, HyperWorks, etc. Weight reduction is gaining importance as the designers are trying to reduce the excess weight form the existing vehicle design. A review of the various techniques for weight reduction for the chassis is presented.
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JournalInternational Journal of Research in Engineering and Technology
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