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A Review on use of Ejector as expansion device in Vapour Compression Refrigeration Systems
, Sushrut Navindgikar, Rohit Bagul, Karra Sita Rama Rao, Dheeraj Borde
Published in IJREAM
Volume: NA
Issue: 4, AMET-2019
Pages: 200.0 - 203.0
Ejectors have been used to improve the efficiency and the capacity of vapour compression cycles in the pastdecade by means of expansion work recovery. The design, performance and the effect of ejector on the cycle has beenthe prime focus of the researchers but lately, it was found that architecture of cycle, cycle control and improvement inevaporator performance play a crucial role in the cycle performance.In this paper three ejector cycles have been discussed theoretically and their advantages and disadvantages arementioned. These cycles are standard ejector cycle, liquid recirculation cycle and condenser outlet split ejector cycle.The standard ejector cycle uses the pressure rise in ejector to increase the suction pressure and reduces the power ofcompressor. The liquid recirculation cycle recirculates the excess liquid through the evaporator with the help of ejectorto improve the evaporator performance. The condenser outlet split cycle uses ejector to provide cooling effect at twodifferent temperatures.
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JournalInternational Journal for Research in Engineering Application & Management
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