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A Study of Classification Algorithms for Categorizing Website Users using Machine Learning
, Sunjyot Singh Anand, Ankit Kumar Mamodia, Atri Acharya, Karanpal Singh Padam
Published in Academic Publications
Volume: 118.0
Issue: 16.0
Pages: 333.0 - 348.0
The Internet is a powerful medium for accessing online documents but it is not a tool for locating or organizing information. Tools like search engines assist users in locating information. The web pages can present different and varied information depending on the characteristics of its content. The use of a website user classifier can help us in providing safety to the websites from malign users. The uncontrolled nature of web content presents additional challenges to classifying the website users, but the interconnected nature of hypertext also provides features that can assist the process. This paper analyses the feasibility of various classifiers for the purpose of classifying website visitors and studies their precision. In this sense, Data Mining techniques are of great importance and will be used to construct the classifiers. The main research area is for computer programs to automatically learn to recognize complex patterns and make intelligent decisions based on data. This paper also focuses on supervised learning aspect of machine learning. The problem we have set out to solve by this survey is to find the best classification algorithm to design a system to categorize website visitors into a set of pre-defined classes. With the continued growth of web application traffic, an increasing amount of sensitive data is exposed to potential theft, security vulnerabilities, and multi-layer attacks. An optimal classification algorithm will enable us to provide significant performance advantages over our competition. By implementing an always-on defence we can successfully identify and protect against automated layer DDoS attacks, web scraping, and brute force attacks.
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JournalInternational Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics
PublisherAcademic Publications
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