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A Study on Application Scenario of Video Summarization
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 936 - 943
We are living in the era where the video contents are largely available on the internet and hard disk drives. Since the duration of videos ranges from few minutes to many hours, the progression of a system for decisive content classification, browsing, indexing, retrieval and storage become essential. Also, with the advancement of the digital video technologies, huge chunks of video data are producing every day. For processing these data, video summarization plays an important role, which is a process of generating a synopsis of the video. In this paper, we present application scenarios of video summarization and some of the techniques which fit in a particular application. With fast evolution of video technology, nowadays many new multimedia applications are available. We categorize different applications of video summarization and methods for generating the summary of a video. In this paper, we introduce different types of videos and need of summarization for each type of video. © 2018 IEEE.