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A Survey on Energy Efficient Hierarchical Routing Protocol in Wireless Sensor Network
Kaushik N. Gotefode,
Published in International Journal of Advanced Information in Science and Technology (IJAIST)
Volume: 1.0
Issue: 4.0
Pages: 14.0 - 23.0
Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) consists ofautonomous nodes which are static in nature and permanent inlocation for a lengthy period of time. The mobile WSN, havinga unique features like limited resources and non-rechargeablebatteries. Due to this constraints, the recent researches mainlyfocused to manage the energy consumption in order to extendthe lifetime of the network. Nowadays, the WSN may consistsof Heterogeneous and Mobile sensor nodes for manyapplications. For that, the important design issues are energy,scalability, production costs, data aggregation, fault tolerance,network lifetime, latency, node deployment, Quality of Service(QoS), mobility, throughput, packet delivery ratio and end toend delay etc. The advantage of allowing the sensors to bemobile increases the number of applications beyond those forwhich static WSNs are used.
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JournalInternational Journal of Advanced Information Science and Technology (IJAIST), ISSN: 2319-2682
PublisherInternational Journal of Advanced Information in Science and Technology (IJAIST)
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