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Adaptive energy efficient MAC protocol for increasing life of sensor nodes in Wireless Body Area Network
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 349 - 352
Wireless Communication and Wireless Networking is the popular research in this era. The combination of this is useful method for one step ahead to increase the life of human being on this world. The issue is to increase the growth of all this living mankind from different serious diseases, so the technology and communication is BAN (Body Area Network) through wireless is Wireless Body Area Network. We do the research on the adaptive energy efficient Medium Access Control protocol used in WBAN, so to increase the life of sensor node. Once the energy is utilized we cannot extend its energy only by replacing the battery. Proposed protocol incorporates dynamic duty cycle as well as adaptive contention window schemes. We have simulated the protocol in NS2 environment and checked the performance of data transmission in different condition may be in Normal, On-demand and Traffic which leads to consume more energy. © 2016 IEEE.