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Adjustable concentric towers to vary tower shadow effect on flicker in wind turbine
D.S. Chavan, A. Raj, S.R. Reddy, , J. Sankpal, Vishwender, R.K. Manocha, Priyanka
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 755 - 760
In this paper the facility to find the impact of tower shadow effect on voltage flicker initiated in the wind turbine output is developed. Concentric towers are developed using steel any suitable material pipe. The length of the pipe can be adjusted using sliding the pipe. Nut and bolts are used to fix the length of the pipe. There is a provision to fix the turbine on the tower. Tubular tower are formed using pipes. Pipes with different diameters are provided in the test set up. As length and height of the towers is varied the tower shadow effect is also varied. Artificial wind is created using blower fans. The impact of tower shadow effect on the voltage flicker output of the wind turbine is observed on digital storage oscilloscope. There is a provision to fix various types of generators on the towers. The experiment is conducted on the wind turbine scaled down models. The result can be scaled to the actual dimensions of the wind tower. © 2017 IEEE.