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Agritourism Development in India: An Extended Literature Review.
, Girish Mude
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Agritourism is the blend of tourism and agriculture industries which allows the community to become engaged with agriculture environment, local food and rural experience beyond the farmers’ market, and also allows the farmer an entire new source of revenue. There are many popular articles, academic articles, study reports available in global context related agritourism. However, there is no comprehensive overview of the research work published in India. This study presents a comprehensive literature review to gain a better understanding of the contents of the agritourism development literature. Based on the findings from the literature review, concept development, the impact of agritourism especially social and economic on the development of agriculture and rural community are identified. In addition, factors to be consider while starting Agritourism is suggested.

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JournalInternational Conference on Ongoing Reach in Management and IT
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