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An Investigational Study on Use of Waste Materials In Eco-Friendly Fly Ash Bricks
Volume: 6.0
Issue: 3.0
Pages: 67.0 - 73.0
Conventional bricks are produced from clay whereas fly ash bricks make use of fly ash, sand and cement.Due to rising demand the quarrying operation for sand and clay has increased. Also the need for cement has increased which has led to high emission of CO2 gas and its high prices. In this study saw dust, sugar bagasse ash, saw dust ash and rice husk ash has been used as a partial replacement for cement whereas rubber tyre, thermocol, cocopeat, plastic powder and coconut shell ash has been used as a replacement for sand. Engineering property such as compressive strength has been studied at 14 days. From the study, it has been observed that sugar bagasse ash and saw dust ash can be used for partial replacement of cement and rubber tyre, plastic powder and coconut shell ash can be used as a replacement for sand. In the entire study there has been no use of clay as well as sand whereas an optimum quantity of cement has been used.
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JournalJournal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research
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