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An Optimal Path Determination of Moving Beacons Using Localized Directional Routing Protocol in Mobile Adhoc Network
Mangrulkar S R, Atique M,
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The prior communication between the mobile nodes(beacons)in the network is not possible in some situations. As the network topologies and the network traffic conditions vary, the optimum position of the neighbor node should be determined. Localization is one of the fundamental problems in wireless adhoc networks, since locations of the mobile nodes are critical to both network operations and most application level tasks. Localization accuracy and reduction in the number of position information messages can be achieved, in real-time, by determining the optimal position from where the beacon should transmit its next position information. The RREQ sent by the sender is broadcasted leading to the flooding of the information messages. Directional Routing Protocol floods the RREQ packet in the network.We, first outline localized directional routing protocol to unicast the RREQ messages. For this an advisory can keep track of nodes using three hop concepts to find the shortest hop. We further present the pseudo formation control problem as an unconstrained optimization problem under free space propagation model.
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