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An overview of NLP based Chatbot
Published in Scientific Information and Technological Board of Sadhana
Volume: 8.0
Issue: 2.0
Pages: 177.0 - 181.0
A chatbot is a software that simulates aconversation with a human in a generalized form throughvarious applications like messaging, websites, mobileapplications, etc. Traditionally, a search engine was used toanswer any type of questions, but with the advancement intechnology the use of chatbot has increased and it allows theuser to simply ask any question in a same manner they wouldcommunicate with humans. The interesting features of this is thatthey are self-learning and become intelligent over time usingtechnologies like Machine Learning and Natural LanguageProcessing(NLP). This paper provides a brief overview of the useof NLP in chatbot as well as the working of different algorithms.It studies various machine learning algorithms used fordeveloping chatbots.
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JournalThomson Reuters UGC approved peer reviewed journal,
PublisherScientific Information and Technological Board of Sadhana
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