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Analysis of QoS Parameters using Prediction Algorithms on CSO-based Energy-Efficient Reliable Sectoring Scheme in WSN
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Volume: 1911
Issue: 1
The maintaining of the Quality of Service(QoS) parameter in wireless sensor networks (WSN) is becoming a challenging task. The limitations are like achieving QoS parameters in a distributed network, constraints in sensing parameters, natural disasters and battery life of sensor nodes need to overcome. Here in this paper few of the QoS parameters are analysed to increase the lifetime of sensor networks by partitioning a network into various sectors. A novel optimized sectoring scheme is proposed for optimal election of sector head (SH) for a given network. A Cat Swarm Optimization based Energy-Efficient Reliable sectoring Scheme with prediction algorithms (P-CSO-EERSS) is also proposed in this paper. The use of prediction algorithms is for early detection of node lifetime to improve the overall lifespan of a network. Along with this QoS parameters such as packet delivery ratio and energy consumption are analysed and compared with existing clustering algorithms. According to implementation results, it has been shown that the prediction based CSO-EERSS algorithm returns better QoS parameters as compare to existing cluster schemes.
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JournalJournal of Physics: Conference Series