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Analysis of Temperature and Solar Flux Distribution on the Flat Plate Receiver of Small Central Receiver System
Published in Mythos Technology
Volume: NA
Issue: speacial
Pages: 1.0 - 6.0
In central receiver system, a large group of field is used to concentrated solar radiation from the sun on a towermounted heat exchanger (receiver) called heliostat field. Each heliostat continuously track the sunray by two axes sun tracking mechanism that reflect the incident sun radiation to a flat receiver located at top of the tower.The height of tower receiveris generally about 1/6th the length of the farthest heliostat in the field. A flat plate receiver was experimentally evaluate by solar central receiver system in order to study the change of receiver surface temperature and flux density distribution on the receiver plate.The solar flux distribution at focal region of concentrator system can be estimated, if the temperature on focal region is measured. The receiver surface temperature can be change with change in intensity of beam radiation, concentration ratio, ambient temperature and wind speed.Thermocouple methodconsidered to estimate flux distribution on receiver surface. The analysis of variation in temperature on the vertical receiver plate is done by varying the number of heliostats from 1 to 9. The maximum temperature obtained from 9 heliostats is around 231 ̊C near the solar noon. The heliostats can be focus on the vertical and inclined receiver surface, its seen that minimum spread of reflected radiation with minimum end loss from the periphery of the receiver is obtained by 15̊tilt angle.For the small central receiver system of 9 heliostats the peak flux value is found for vertical receiver (zero degree tilt angle) is around 5352W/m2 and in case of 15̊tilt angle peak flux is 5792 W/m2. .The modeling and experimental testing result showed that the both the concentrated solar power result lie in the range of 2025 W.
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