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Analysis & Simulation of casting to eliminate casting defects
V.V. Nimbalkar, , U.S.Khade
Published in Mythos Technology
Volume: Vol 1
Issue: Special Issue 2
Pages: 2239.0 - 2242.0
As the foundries are primary suppliers to the manufacturing industries like automobile, Pumps, transport, heavy equipment, machine tools, plant machinery, machines, households, aerospace, defence. Although lots of research has been carried out in foundry technology, yet achieving higher casting yield with the sound casting (defect free casting) is major challenge to the manufacturers. For obtaining high quality of casting which is a customer prime requirement manufacturers are making compromise with the casting yield. Which results into the increases production cost and decreases profit. In the research pump cover casting is analyzed which is associated with the various defects. Defective casting results due to improperly designed gating system and risers. For eliminating the defects the gating system components such as sprue , sprue well ,ingates and risers are redesigned using the feeding rules , gating design procedure, theoretical knowledge , practical considerations and casting simulation results . The various designs of the gating system components are made and 3D CAD model of each design is made and analyzed using casting simulation software AutoCASTX flow plus. After analyzing the simulation results if required goal is not achieved, then the respective changes are made in design and 3D CAD model and it is again simulated. The procedure is repeated until the required results are obtained. Finally redesigned gating system and risers are used to achieve sound casting i.e. defect free casting.
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JournalInternational Engg Research Journal
PublisherMythos Technology
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