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Antinociceptive activity of Anterdhum padhati mashi (APM) of unripe Cocos nucifera (PALMAE) husk
, K. Khandelwal R., P. Kumbar, Shikha Baheti A.
Published in
Volume: 1
Pages: 445 - 448
Coconut husk mashi is an Ayurvedic formulation prepared by Anterdhum padhati (APM). Though Ayurvedic practitioners use coconut husk mashi, very few scientific reports are available about its claim uses. In the current study the analgesic activity of APM of unripe Cocos nucifera husk were demonstrated. The orally administered APM inhibit the acetic acid induced writhing response in mice. Tail flick and hot plate assays demonstrated that treatment of animals with APM induced attenuation in the response of heat stimulus.
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