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Application of 5G next generation network to Internet of Things
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 443 - 447
Some of the key services for 2020+ timeframe involve smart city applications requiring smart grid, smart transportation, smart medicine with connected cars, connected homes, moving robots, and sensors creating the environment of Internet of Things. 5G is the foundation access technology for IoT applications. It is being defined to handle extremely high capacity, high bandwidth, robust integrity, and low latency. It incorporates a range of innovative and disruptive technological advances. Radio and antenna system innovations include improvement in spectral efficiency, evolution of access schemes, utilization of carrier aggregation, and advances in antenna techniques. Spectrum support will not be the traditional static allocation based approach but will involve dynamic spectrum sharing and operations in the centimeter and millimeter frequency range. 5G network enhancements include ultra-lean design, separation between control and user planes, flexible duplex method, adaptable resource management, small cells, Coordinated Multi Point networking, and Heterogeneous Networks. © 2016 IEEE.