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Application of microcontroller for accurate control and safety of SPMA Case study on sweet making machine
Sanket Kedar, , Pranav Niturkar, Pratik Badhan
Published in INPRESSCO
Pages: 179.0 - 182.0
Sweet product making companies have started to make a mark and succeed in Indian food industry over the few years by making use of automation. Traditional sweet making process works perfectly with human intervention but is unable to cope-up with the growing demand of the customers. During festivities, people often place a large order of sweets to the vendor and expect the delivery of the sweets to be as soon as possible. In order to complete the order within required time, the vendor has to put in additional manpower and at the same time, maintain the quality of the product. This can be achieved by using an automated SPM for large scale production for such demands. Sweet making machines are available for different varieties, capacities; grades etc. In order to full fill the demands in shorter time span, automation of sweet making machines using microcontroller can come in handy. A mechatronics system that is developed for sweet making machine, which takes feedback from sensors and controls the function has been introduced in this paper.The paper also describes project to automate the process for sweet making. The project aims to reduce the manpower and increase the profit by increasing the production rate and quality. It also aims to reduce the material wastage due to manual handling.
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JournalInternational Journal of Current Engineering and Technology
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