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Application of Tuned Mass Damper for Vibration Control of RC Frame Structure
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Volume: 5.0
Issue: 5.0
Pages: 55.0 - 61.0
Seismic tremors make vibrations on the groundthat are converted into dynamic loads which cause theground and anything appended to it vibrate in anunpredictable way and cause harm to different structures.These vibrations make issue to serviceability of the structureand furthermore decrease structural integrity with possibilityof failure. Current patterns in development industry requeststaller and lighter structures. These structures are adaptableand built as light as possible which have low value ofdamping makes them helpless against undesirablevibrations. Presently a few techniques are developed todecrease seismic induced structural vibrations. The mosteffective technique to control structural response underseismic excitation is Tuned Mass Damper (TMD). The mainfocus of recent work is to investigate the performance oftuned mass damper to reduce the seismic response of multistorey(G+14) RC frame structure by considering real timehistory data. The study is conducted for mass ratios of 5%and 10%. The nonlinear time history analysis has beencarried for ground motion of four numbers of loadingconditions named Corralito earthquake, Hollisterearthquake, Newhall earthquake and Lexington earthquakeusing ETABS 2015. The storey displacement, storeyacceleration and base shear is compared for both systemsi.e., structure with and without TMD. From obtained resultsit is investigated that the structure with TMD of 10% massratio is more effective for controlling seismic response of thestructure.
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JournalInternational Journal for Research and Development in Technology
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