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Audiomagnetotelluric (AMT) investigations for 2D electrical conductivity modeling over geothermal province of Bakreswar, eastern India
Bimalendu Bhattacharya B., , Shalivahan
Published in
Volume: 2002
Pages: 488 - 491
The paper deals with the study related to electrical conductivity structure in the geothermal province of Bakreswar. Audio magnetotelluric (AMT) surveys have been carried out with a very close interval to identify the geological features related to the geothermal springs of the province. Initially, MT measurements in the geothermal province were carried out which show that the near surface structure in and around Bakreswar geothermal spring is 1D or 2D in nature and the structure is 3D at greater depth. The variation of resistivity even over a short distance near hot spring appears significant and therefore, detail AMT survey with closer station interval was carried out. 2D RRI model along the east-west profile passing through the Bakreswar hotsprings has been prepared. The study reveals that the source is not exactly below the hotsprings located over the fault which is continuing up to a depth of 200 - 300 m only. The fault cannot act as a source as it is not sufficiently deep to supply the heat to the hydrothermal system. A conducting zone of considerable size has been outlined in the west of Bakreswar which may act either as a partial or complete source.
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