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Augmented execution in mobile cloud computing: A survey
, K.V. Pawar, A.R. Pathak
Published in
Pages: 237 - 244
As the technology is developing with a huge rate, the functionality of smartphone is also getting higher. But the smartphones have some resource constraints like processing power, battery capacity, limited bandwidth for connecting to the Internet, etc. Therefore, to improve the performance of smartphone in terms of processing power, battery and memory, the technology namely, augmented execution is the best solution in the mobile cloud computing (MCC) scenario. Mobile cloud computing works as the combination of mobile computing and cloud computing. Augmented execution alleviates the problem of resource scarcity of smartphone. To get the benefits from the resource-abundant clouds, massive computation intensive tasks are partitioned and migrated to the cloud side for the execution. After executing the task at the cloud side, the results are sent back to the smartphone. This method is called as the computation offloading. The given survey paper focuses on the partitioning techniques in mobile cloud computing. © 2014 IEEE.
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JournalProceedings - International Conference on Electronic Systems, Signal Processing, and Computing Technologies, ICESC 2014