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Auto Vehicle Speed Control System-The Review
Monali Zade B.,
Published in
Pages: 1556 - 1559
Road traffic safety refers to strategies and measures for reducing the danger of a person using the road being killed or genuinely harmed. Efforts to enhance road security have been under way for a long time and majorly affected the road safety record. A notable reduction in danger practices, for example, alcohol-impaired driving or non-wearing of safety belts authenticates this. At that point likewise such a large number of road related accidents still reason to many victims and their families consistently. The World Health Organization (WHO) extends that by 2030, the most widely recognized reason behind loss of life will be damage produced by road accidents. New vehicles over the world, will be outfitted with cutting edge wellbeing systems to help the driver to make the correct move and if necessary, to control the vehicle in basic circumstances. This migration process, which is the strongest trend in traffic safety, will be market driven and will spread quickly around the world. These measurements give a total thought regarding the seriousness of the issue and consequently the need of time to actualize the system to stay away from such accidents. In this manner the proposed system will help us to diminish the danger of accidents. The highlights that are proposed in this work are: collision notification that gives notification about accident to the victim's relative, Red light traffic control makes sure vehicle doesn't break signal, Speed control alters speed in different zones and prevent vehicle from entering no entry zones, Horn control prevents no honking in horn prohibited zone and Alcohol detection detects drunk driving.
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JournalProceedings of the International Conference on Inventive Communication and Computational Technologies, ICICCT 2018