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Automatic Garbage Tracking and Collection System
Aishwarya Ghongane, Aniket Piralkar, Vaishnavi Pawar,
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Automation is the Technology Concerned with Application of Mechanical, Electronics & Computer based systems to operate & control production. Due to advancement in technology we have seen automization of many things. Here we are tackling the issue for waste management and the first step towards it should be proper collection of waste. And as this problem continues to increase day by day, we need to develop more efficient management methods and techniques. Thus we are proposing an automated garbage collection system using GSM module and also making use of Image Processing to improve the waste management. In this system, a camera is placed near the garbage bin along with a load cell sensor under the bin. A threshold value is set for the camera as it continuously takes the snapshots of the bin and also for the load cell sensor which tells about the weight of the garbage. The microcontroller compares the value for camera and load cell sensor and if the set threshold value gets exceeded then a message is sent through GSM to the control station. The sent message will notify that the garbage bin is exceeding its capacity and needs urgent attention. Thus this system can be a good help for the waste management issue.
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