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Behavior of Columns with Ferro cement and Steel Tube Confinement under Axial Compression
, Rohit Netravalkar, Sumant Nivarutti Shinde
Published in Eclat Research Publication
Volume: 3.0
Issue: 8.0
Pages: 14.0 - 17.0
Column is the one of the most critical structural element requiring high level of care while designing. It has to carry the axial compressive load and resist moment due to eccentric loading. The following study is about Ferrocement Jacketed Column (FJC) and concrete filled tubular column (CFT) that are recently being adopted due to their various advantages over traditional column sections. In this study, a total of 20 sections of short column sections having circular and square cross section with pure confinement are experimentally tested to obtain the ultimate load carrying capacity of the short column for M40 grade concrete. The section is designed such that the core of the section is 10mm outside the confinement at the top and bottom so as to not load the ferrocement tube or steel tube longitudinally. The sections are to be tested using Universal Testing Machine. The experimental values are compared with the numerically found valued of compressive strength in each section. Also the strain increase due to confinement is analyzed. It was observed that the circular tubes provided more effective confinement as compared to square tubes. The confinement effect was higher for material with higher tensile strength and provided greater increase in load carrying capacity. The strain increase was of the order of 6 to 9 times strain of plain concrete at yield.
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JournalInternational Journal of Engineering Research and Management (IJERM)
PublisherEclat Research Publication
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