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Blueprint of Emerging Techniques used in Sentiment Analysis
Published in Grenze Scientific Society
Volume: 8
Pages: 68 - 75
Sentiment analysis is an important application of Natural Language Processing. It is a technique used to find out polarity of the text written in the feedback, comment or review. There are mainly three types of polarity i.e. negative, positive and neutral. Polarities are mainly used in opinion mining, decision making, and extraction of feelings and emotions of the user. Sentiment analysis is mainly used in Internet era where number of applications is available where users can give their remark easily and frankly. Sentiment Analysis works as a dominant tool for users and helps in finding out the needful information and also used to combine the collective sentiments of the reviews. Numbers of methods are available to perform the sentiment analysis. This paper contributes an impression about different methods invented to perform sentiment analysis and gives brief idea about scope of research. © Grenze Scientific Society, 2022.
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Journal13th International Conference on Advances in Computing, Control, and Telecommunication Technologies, ACT 2022
PublisherGrenze Scientific Society
Open AccessNo