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Business Value Analysis at Yes Bank
Vineet Chouhan,
Published in
Pages: 221 - 250
This case is related with the biggest 2020 scam by one of the major new private sector banks (i.e., YES bank). The case is related with the misuse of the power of banks in providing the benefits to one person, due to the power and influence granted by the political party leaders that influence providing unlimited loans to one person and further the acts of the bank officials that led to the partial breakdown of the banking system in India. Further, the case deals with the major accused and the shell company's creator as DHFL. The present analysis put lights on the future lessons to be learnt by various sectors in order to prevent heavy losses and loss of customer faith (being the most vital component). It starts by giving a background of the crisis that led the RBI to come into picture. It also shows the effectiveness of the actions of RBI for YES bank. At last, it points out the importance of independent management and the roles of auditors and other regulators in dealing with this crisis.
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