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Camera Based Driver Distraction System Using Image Processing
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Distraction is nothing but the lacking of the attention to activities necessary for secure driving. Inattention can either be an intended or an unintended diversion of concentration from drivers side. Driver distraction can be defined as anything that is necessary for identification of information to securely sustain the lateral and longitudinal control of the vehicle due to any some event, the persons, inside or outside the vehicle that might be forced or tends cause the drivers shifting attention to another place from the fundamental driving task. The main cause of driver distraction is to compete for event activity that turns to reduce driving performance that outcome in road traffic crashes. The system defined in this paper given solution to the above problem and can reduce the road accident which is one of the main causes due to driver distraction. It also evaluates the driver's mind become active or not by accurately detecting yawning, face detection, eye detection and to find whether the driver consumed an alcoholic or not. To attain an alcohol detection through the sensor. It is done for the safety of people traveling by car. The Haar cascade algorithm can be used for object detection in real time. © 2018 IEEE.