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CBA: Cloud-based bigdata analytics
Y. Pradhananga, , C. Karande
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 47 - 51
The requirement to perform complicated statistic analysis of big data by institutions of engineering, scientific research, health care, commerce, banking and computer research is immense. However, the limitations of the widely used current desktop software like R, excel, minitab and spss gives a researcher limitation to deal with big data. The big data analytic tools like IBM Big Insight, Revolution Analytics, and tableau software are commercial and heavily license. Still, to deal with big data, client has to invest in infrastructure, installation and maintenance of hadoop cluster to deploy these analytical tools. Apache Hadoop is an open source distributed computing framework that uses commodity hardware. With this project, I intend to collaborate Apache Hadoop and R software over the on the Cloud. Objective is to build a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) analytic platform that stores & analyzes big data using open source Apache Hadoop and open source R software. The benefits of this cloud based big data analytical service are user friendliness & cost as it is developed using open-source software. The system is cloud based so users have their own space in cloud where user can store there data. User can browse data, files, folders using browser and arrange datasets. User can select dataset and analyze required dataset and store result back to cloud storage. Enterprise with a cloud environment can save cost of hardware, upgrading software, maintenance or network configuration, thus it making it more economical. © 2015 IEEE.