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CFD Analysis of a Triple Concentric Tube Heat Exchanger having water flowing at three different temperatures
Dilpak Saurabh, P, Khond, Harshal,
Published in INPRESSCO
Issue: 4.0
Pages: 49.0 - 52.0
The present study would include heat transfer CFD analysis for a concentric triple tube heat exchanger. Theoretical studies are carried out for numerical simulations and evaluation of heat transfer. The performance of Triple Concentric Tube Heat Exchanger is to be evaluated at variable operating conditions. Studies and experimentation have already been carried out for N-H-C and C-H-Nconfiguration in Triple Tube Heat Exchanger. The numerical investigation also has already been carried out for various operating conditions. CFD analysis is used to validate the experimental data specifically for N-H-C configuration in the present study.
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JournalInternational Journal of Current Engineering and Technology, InPressco
Open AccessYes