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Climatic and Design Parameters Effects on the Productivity of Solar Stills: A Review
Prachi K. Ithape, S. B. Barve,
Published in Technical Research Organisation India
Volume: 4.0
Issue: 7.0
Pages: 17.0 - 23.0
Abstract We know that about 73% of the world covers water, out of which 90% of water is saltwater. This saltwater is not suitable for drinking and also for agriculture and industrial purposes. Due to increasing population and industrial growth, there in increasing need for fresh water. Thus there is a need to find an alternative technique that can replace the fossil fuels and non- renewable energy resources to satisfy these increasing fresh water requirements. Solar still is one such technique that can be used. Solar energy is used to remove the contaminants/impurities from water to supply fresh water in solar still. The parameters having an impact on the productivity of a solar still are: climatic parameters like wind velocity, ambient temperature, solar radiation intensity, relative humidity etc., design parameters such as water depth, condensing cover material and its thickness, insulation, slope or inclination of condensing cover etc. and the operational parameters includes feed water preheating, water salinity etc. The effects of various design and climatic parameters on the performance of solar still are discussed in this paper. Index Terms: climatic parameters, design parameters, distillate output, solar still
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JournalInternational Journal of Current Engineering and Scientific Research
PublisherTechnical Research Organisation India
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