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Cloud Enabled Advanced Home Automation System
, Utkarsh Rodge, Abhijeet Pawar, Anand Panure
Published in International Conference on Advances in Usability Engineering for Computing (ICAUEC-18)
Volume: 12.0
Issue: special
Pages: 1.0 - 9.0
With the development in technology and the increasing number of appliances, it is now a necessity to communicate with them using remote portable device. Home automation system makes the operations of various appliances more convenient by providing user, centralized control of them, using internet or even local network (Internet of Things). The key components of this proposed system are a pocket-sized microprocessor-Raspberry Pi, a microcontroller ESP32/ESP8266, an Android application/web interface to visualize the data provided by the Raspberry Pi and to send, receive and process the requests. The Raspberry Pi acts as the brain of this system, processing the requests, responding to the requests made by the Android application, communicating with the Arduino and also acts as a server to store the data given by the sensors. All the sensors and actuators are connected to the Arduino which is connected to the Pi using a Wi-Fi module. In this project along with sensors, a personal assistant (Amazon Alexa) is used to receive voice commands and translate them into equivalent instructions. An Omnidirectional IR blaster to act as universal IR remote and An IPCAM is used for remote video surveillance, are built upon Raspberry Pi. A cloud service (Amazon Web Services IOT) is also used for centralized access to all products. It allows administrators simultaneous maintenance and updates to all client systems. This is a highly scalable module- it provides opportunities in addition of a large number of new modules/functionalities easily.The objective is to create a secure home automation system which interacts with the user through web / application interface or voice commands and provides capabilities to easily integrate new modules/functionalities with video surveillance for home security.
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JournalInternational Journal of Computer Engineering and application
PublisherInternational Conference on Advances in Usability Engineering for Computing (ICAUEC-18)
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