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Combined effect of pour point depressants and magnetic field on the viscosity and pour point of crude oil
Published in IJCRT
Volume: 5.0
Issue: 12.0
Pages: 260.0 - 272.0
Pour point depressants (PPD) are widely used for mitigating wax deposition problems. But they are costly and environmentallyhazardous. Another method which has attracted the attention is the magnetic field (MF) conditioning method. Though this method isenvironmentally friendly and economical, the results obtained have found to be controversial. The viscosity and pour point may increase ordecrease. This has been attributed to number of reasons, the main reason being the specificity of crude oil and its interaction with themagnetic field. Hence an attempt has been made to investigate the combined effect of PPDs and MF for better viscosity and pour pointreduction. It has been found that there is no substantial enhancement in the viscosity and pour point reduction with the combination. Hencepure PPD method dominates wax inhibition methods as of now.
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