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Concentrated solar energy in materials processing
V. K. Bupesh Raja,
Published in Taylor & Francis
Volume: 41.0
Issue: 10.0
Pages: 1201.0 - 1207.0
Solar energy, which is available in abundant in nature, is least utilised. As per primary energy product, solar energy conversion can be of three different ways: solar fuels, solar electricity, and solar thermal systems. These three approaches are presently not being fully utilised. Concentrated solar energy (CSE) is an alternative to other types of energy for modifying the surfaces of metallic materials. Attempt has been made to overview the current status of CSE in materials processing technology. In this paper, applications of CSE through solar furnace and Fresnel lens for hardening, coatings, sintering, nitriding, synthesis and welding are discussed.
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JournalInternational Journal of Ambient Energy
PublisherTaylor & Francis
Open AccessNo