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Koustubh Deshmukh, Shubham Bhadane, Shubhada Lande, Tejaswini Kumbharde,
Published in IJREAM
Volume: 5.0
Issue: Special Issue
For today’s life the control of the speed of vehicle has become mandatory and very essential for life purpose. Thus, the prior aim is to control the speed of the vehicles in different areas of cities as well as in the speed restricted zones such as hospitals, schools, colleges, parks, more people populated zones, speed breakers areas, etc. In today’s day to day fast life people in the world tends to lose their self-control on their vehicle. They drive in such a high speed which can be dangerous for themselves as well as for the surrounding. Even the monitoring of police is not sufficient in such cases. Some situations can also be fatal. In automobiles from the inputs received through the accelerator pedal position sensor to the Electronic Control Unit we control the throttle position so that the variation according to the load and speed can be arranged. However in this model the input of pedal position from sensor is received to a microcontroller unit which acts as an primary interface with the input and then transmits to the ECU. [1]There are RFID Tag zones which are programmed in such a manner that whenever the RFID reader comes in proximity to its zone this Tags get actuated .In this actuation vehicle’s speed is controlled through the code signal automatically due to the microcontroller unit installed in the vehicle. Such tags are placed mostly in the accident prone areas where speed reduction is mandatory.
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