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Continuous Water Quality Monitoring System for Water Resources at Remote Places
Published in IJERGS
Volume: 3.0
Issue: 3.0
Pages: 172.0 - 77.0
The current water quality monitoring system is a manual system with tedious process and is very time consuming. Thusto overcome the problems caused by the manual monitoring, a real time water quality monitoring system for water resources at remoteplaces is proposed. The system architecture consists of data monitoring nodes, a base station and a remote station. All these stationsare connected using wireless communication link. The data from nodes is send to the base station consisting of ARM controllerdesigned for special compact space application. Data collected by the base station such as pH, turbidity, conductivity, etc is sent to theremote monitoring station. Data collected at the remote site can be displayed in visual format on a server PC with the help ofMATLAB. This approach brings several advantages over current monitoring systems in terms of cost, portability, and applicability.
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JournalInternational Journal of Engineering Research and General Science
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