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Convolution Neural Network Regression Model to Predict Personality Scores
Bhamare M., Ashokkumar K.,
Published in International Hellenic University - School of Science
Volume: 15
Issue: 4
Pages: 25 - 32
The world has witnessed tremendous increase in the use of social media platforms in the last decade. Posting and updating on such platforms have become a way for people to express their opinions, experiences, feelings, views etc. Along with all these, they tend to post and share their personal Information. This Information can be used in advantageous way to understand their needs and requirements The approach, known as personality prediction, entails sepΑarating digital input into attributes and mapping it according to a personality model. In this paper, we are interested to predict the personality of such users. Researchers have shown based on the social behavior towards friends, number of friends, groups joined etc. can help in predicting the personality trait from Facebook and Twitter. The text posts for the user are converted to be suitable representation using GloVe algorithm. And then feeding it to Convolution Neural Net, a popular Deep Learning architecture on the text posts that was implemented for the traits present in the Big Five trait theory. This method helped to achieve comparable outputs with other recent models © 2022 School of Science, IHU. All rights reserved
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JournalJournal of Engineering Science and Technology Review
PublisherInternational Hellenic University - School of Science
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