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Deicing of wind turbine blade by high frequency dielectric heating fabricating blade as a capacitor
D.S. Chavan, , J. Sankpal, Himanshu, S. Gaikwad, V. Saahil, D. Parashar, P.B. Karandikar
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
In this paper wind turbine blade is formed as a capacitor. The ice accumulated on the wind turbine blade is removed by dielectric heating. High frequency supply is used for heating. The metallic plates are embedded in the wind turbine blades when the blade is being manufactured. The metallic plates are separated by the insulation medium. The plates are completely coverd by the insulating material. This construction also enhances the strength of the wind turbine blade due to reinforcement by the metallic plate. The supply is given to the blade capacitor when the ice is accumulated. The ice is sensed by ice sensor. The supply to the capacitor may be given by the battery bank. The wind turbine is stopped when the ice is being removed by dielectric heating. The area below the wind turbine is vacated. The human beings and animals are not allowed to go near the turbine as the ice may fall below and the person or animal may be injured due to ice. © 2017 IEEE.