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Design, analysis and studies on performance of the solar food dehydrator
A Tripathi, A Sinha K, S Powar B,
Published in
Issue: November
Pages: 169 - 174
This manuscript consists of performance and studies on mixed type solar food dehydrator. This paper presents the design, construction and performance of a mixed-mode solar dryer for food preservation. The design was prepared on CATIA V5 and simulation is done on ANSYS FLUENT to know actual working of solar food dehydrator. In this dryer heated air from collector is passed over the drying chamber to dehumidify the crops. Experiments were conducted on solar dehydrator to obtain the best results. Moreover some improvements have been done to obtain more temperature. The food selected for drying is green chillies which were conducted for 8 hours in a day. The design of solar food dryer is made on consideration of its mobility. Mobility enhances the drying temperature and reduces the drying time of solar food dehydrator as it can be shifted according to direction of sun. Temperature achieved was in between 50- 55 {\textordmasculine}C. The dryer exhibited sufficient ability to dry food items reasonably rapidly to a safe moisture level and simultaneously it ensures a superior quality of the dried product. Keywords:
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JournalProceedings of 3rdNational Conference on Recent Trends in Mechanical Engineering (NCRTME - 2018)