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Design and Analysis of Five Port Optical Router for Optical NoC
Omkar Kalange A, Bhushan Ladniya B, Rohit Kothari R, ,
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 42 - 46
We propose design, simulate and do the analysis of a non-blocking Microring Resonator (MRR) based silicon optical router. The design of router and switching matrix is made by considering the losses due to various fundamental components used in the router and symmetry of the components while placing them in the design. Thus, the achieved design results in the reduction of crossings and at the same time is the most symmetrical design. The proposed router uses sixteen MRRs, four bends and fourteen crossings. Analysis of the router shows a reduction in insertion losses because of the decrease in the number of crossings. Moreover, the principle used to switch on and off the MRR is based on the thermo-optic effect. In comparison to other designs of optical routers, the proposed design can be viewed as most symmetric design and give better results in term of fewer losses, more switching speed and lower power consumption. © 2018 IEEE.