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Design And Analysis Of Reactive Muffler For Enhancement In Transmission Loss.

Published in IJRAR
Volume: 8
Issue: 2
Pages: 870 - 876

Internal combustion engines are one of the major causes of noise emissions. As in different industrial equipment, locomotives, and vehicles, the engines have a wide application base. Exhaust noise and noise that is created due to friction of different parts share the extreme input to noise pollution. A muffler is a means used by the exhaust system to reduce noise. For the reduction of noise, it is placed alongside the exhaust pipe. The decrease in the exhaust noise level is controlled by muffler construction and operating techniques. Therefore, the muffler configuration plays an important role. In this research work, an effort has been made to study the different methodologies for evaluation of transmission loss of single expansion chamber reactive muffler. The detail study of acoustic performance of the muffler is carried out by: (1) Theoretical analysis (2) The Finite Element Method by using COMSOL Multi-Physics, (3) Experimental validation by method of two loads.
Keywords - Transmission Loss, Single Expansion Chamber muffler, Numerical Method, Experimental Method

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JournalInternational Journal of Research and Analytical Reviews
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