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Design and Development of drop Test Rig and Test Analysis of Handheld Electronic Devices
Shubham Agnihotri, Shaunak Vaze, Rajat Nampalliwar,
Published in IJIRT
Volume: 5.0
Issue: 6.0
Pages: 100.0 - 105.0
Portable electronic devices suffer fromimpact-induced failure in usage. These products mustpass drop or impact tests before shipment, so that thereare no grievances at the customer end due to poor life ofthe product. Hence, drop or impact performance is oneof the important concerns in product design. Because ofthe small size of these kind of electronics products, it isvery expensive, time-consuming, and difficult toconduct drop tests to detect the failure mechanism andidentify their drop behaviors. A large number ofsensors are required in the extremely small space of theelectronic device, so as to obtain sufficient data forfailure analysis. To overcome this hurdle, a combinationof only a few sensors, a rudimentary test rig, and finiteelement analysis with the help of software can be usedto study device behavior during impact. Recent workhas shown that due to the multiple impacts that resultduring an accidental drop of a portable electronicproduct, the propensity for damage to the product canbe significantly higher than in a single impact. Whenviewed in light of these findings, conventional methodsfor drop-testing of portable products, either constrainedor free, suffer from drawbacks. In the former, theobject being tested is not allowed to move naturallyduring impact, and in the latter, it is difficult to controlthe orientation of the object at impact and toinstrument it. In this project, a new method of drop-testing has been designed, that combines the advantagesof the constrained and free methods, without theirdrawbacks. It is proposed that the object being tested besuspended onto a guided drop-table in the precisedesired impact orientation. The test device, drop testand correlation of analysis to test data are illustrated inthe report.
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JournalInternational Journal of Innovative Research in Technology
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