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Design and development of electric wheel chair for differently abled person
Published in Engg Journals Publications
Volume: 2.0
Issue: 9.0
Pages: 1349.0 - 1354.0
This paper proposed development of Electric wheelchair for Brain Computing Interface(BCI) system to make contribution in biomedical field, these devices assist people who are physically handicapped, paraplegic patients can easily use the electric wheelchair using joystick or by some other interfaces but there is segment of people who suffer from diseases like motor neuron disease (MND) and they can not operate the wheelchair using interfaces like joystick, such people can only drive the wheelchair using eye blinking or brain signals. In some cases, electric wheelchair can be operated using BCI (Brain Computing Interface) and providing absolute control to such wheelchair is important, configuration of these wheelchair is discussed in this proposed system. Utilizing various resources to build cost efficient system, how sensors and drivers are being interfaced with the Microcontroller and their working to drive the wheelchair according to the acquired signal by brain.
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JournalInternational journal of Engineering and Technology
PublisherEngg Journals Publications
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