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Design and Development of prototype for harnessing wind energy using moving traffic
, Sagar Jain, Kaushik Chafekar, Amal K.V, Dhiraj Kapse
Published in IJREAM
Volume: 4.0
Issue: Special Issue AMET - 2018
Pages: 381.0 - 383.0
The rapid transportation of heavy-duty vehicles on our highways all day is a clear proof of the hellish desire toconsume society. This rapid transport of such heavy vehicles drags and creates the subsequent rapid wind on thesurface of the highway. These fast winds generated on the highway may be trapped and then used in anotherpossible form of energy, just as the kinetic energy of natural high-speed winds across high altitudes is captured bywind turbines and used for large-scale power generation. This study provides estimates and possibilities for thiswind power generation.
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JournalInternational Journal for Research in Engineering Application & Management (IJREAM)
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